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Kaptajn Johnsens Skole

CLIENT: Kaptajn johnsens skole

TYPE: feasibility study & concept planning

size:3100 M²


Kjær Architecture has been commissioned to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study for the Kaptajn Johnsens Skole and to create a design concept for future refurbishment and development. Kjær is also assisting the school in the renovation of the existing buildings, as well as exploring the possibility of expanding the school’s premises.

Housed in seven buildings, three of which are historically-significant, the school is an oasis of education, embedded within the urban fabric of Frederiksberg. In order to meet the needs of a growing and modern institution, Kjær is working closely with the School to reimagine the original layout and design of the existing spaces, while maintaining a careful balance with the history and architecture of the campus buildings and grounds.

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